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Articles in journal or book chapters

  1. Eugenio Sansosti, Michele Manunta, Francesco Casu, Manuela Bonano, Chandrakanta Ojha, Maria Marsella, and Riccardo Lanari. Radar remote sensing from space for surface deformation analysis: present and future opportunities from the new SAR sensor generation. Rendiconti Lincei, 26(1):75-84, 2015. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, Persistent Scatterer Interferometry, PSI, DINSAR, Differential SAR Interferometry, Ground deformation, Remote Sensing, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), DInSAR, Urban monitoring, Wide area monitoring, Sentinel-1, ENVISAT, ASAR, COSMO-SkyMed, X-band, C-band, Spaceborne SAR. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  2. TR Walter, Manoochehr Shirzaei, A Manconi, G Solaro, A Pepe, M Manzo, and E Sansosti. Possible coupling of Campi Flegrei and Vesuvius as revealed by InSAR time series, correlation analysis and time dependent modeling. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 280:104-110, 2014. [bibtex-entry]

  3. E. Sansosti, F. Casu, M. Manzo, and R. Lanari. Space-borne radar interferometry techniques for the generation of deformation time series: An advanced tool for Earth's surface displacement analysis. Geophys. Res. Lett., 37(20):L20305, October 2010. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, PSI, Persistent Scatterer Interferometry, Interferometry, SAR Interferometry, InSAR, Differential SAR Interferometry, ground deformation time series, DInSAR, remote sensing, Mathematical Geophysics, Time series analysis, Remote sensing, Satellite geodesy. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  4. E. Sansosti, P. Berardino, M. Manunta, F. Serafino, and G. Fornaro. Geometrical SAR image registration. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 44(10):2861-2870, October 2006. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, image registration, coregistration, InSAR, Interferometry, ENVISAT, European Remote Sensing, acquisition flight tracks, baseline spans, digital elevation model, image registration, multichannel SAR processing, satellite systems, sensitivity analysis, steep topography regions, subpixel registration, synthetic aperture radar images, two-pass interferometry, warping functions, artificial satellites, geophysical signal processing, image registration, remote sensing by radar, sensitivity analysis, synthetic aperture radar, topography (Earth). [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  5. G. Fornaro, A. Pauciullo, and E. Sansosti. Phase difference-based multichannel phase unwrapping. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 14(7):960-972, July 2005. Keyword(s): image processing, maximum likelihood phase unwrapping algorithm, phase difference-based multichannel phase unwrapping algorithm, image processing, maximum likelihood estimation, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Image Enhancement, Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted, Imaging, Three-Dimensional, Information Storage and Retrieval, Pattern Recognition, Automated, Radar, Subtraction Technique. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  6. R. Lanari, O. Mora, M. Manunta, J. J. Mallorqui, P. Berardino, and E. Sansosti. A small-baseline approach for investigating deformations on full-resolution differential SAR interferograms. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., 42(7):1377-1386, July 2004. Keyword(s): radar resolution, radiowave interferometry, remote sensing by radar, singular value decomposition, synthetic aperture radar, terrain mapping, topography (Earth), DIFSAR interferograms, European Remote Sensing satellites, atmospheric phase artifacts, differential SAR interferometry, digital elevation model, geodetic measurements, ground deformation, large-scale deformations, multilook data, residual phase components, single-look data, singular value decomposition, small-baseline subset, spatial resolutions, synthetic aperture radar, temporal evolution, topographic errors, Buildings, Digital elevation models, Interferometry, Large-scale systems, Phase detection, Phase estimation, Singular value decomposition, Spatial resolution, Synthetic aperture radar, Testing, Ground deformations, SAR, SAR interferometry, synthetic aperture radar. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  7. P. Berardino, G. Fornaro, R. Lanari, and E. Sansosti. A new algorithm for surface deformation monitoring based on small baseline differential SAR interferograms. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 40(11):2375-2383, November 2002. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, SBAS, small baseline differential SAR interferometry, DInSAR, InSAR, SAR Interferometry, Campi Flegrei caldera, European Remote Sensing satellites, Italy, Naples, SAR interferometry, atmospheric phase artifacts filtering, differential synthetic aperture radar interferometry algorithm, ground deformations, independent SAR acquisition datasets, singular value decomposition method, spatial information, surface deformation monitoring algorithm, temporal evolution, temporal information, Earth crust, radiowave interferometry, remote sensing by radar, synthetic aperture radar, tectonics, volcanology. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  8. G. Fornaro, E. Sansosti, R. Lanari, and M. Tesauro. Role of processing geometry in SAR raw data focusing. IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 38(2):441-454, April 2002. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, 2D frequency SAR processing, SAR raw data focusing, airborne remote sensing, conical reference systems, geometric artifacts, high-resolution images, high-resolution microwave images, interferometric SAR, microwave remote sensing, phase aberrations, processing geometry role, received backscattered echoes, space-invariant component, space-variant component, spaceborne remote sensing, squinted geometries, squinted raw data acquisitions, stripmap mode, airborne radar, image registration, radar imaging, radar resolution, remote sensing by radar, sensor fusion, spaceborne radar, synthetic aperture radar. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  9. R. Lanari, M. Tesauro, E. Sansosti, and G. Fornaro. Spotlight SAR data focusing based on a two-step processing approach. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 39(9):1993 -2004, September 2001. Keyword(s): SPECAN algorithm, azimuth spectral folding, data focusing, data-focusing algorithm, deramping, geophysical measurement technique, high bandwidth transmitted chirp signals, land surface, radar remote sensing, space-invariant azimuth filtering, space-variant characteristics, spaceborne radar, spectral analysis, spotlight SAR, stripmap focusing, synthetic aperture radar, terrain mapping, two-step process, geophysical signal processing, geophysical techniques, radar imaging, remote sensing by radar, spaceborne radar, synthetic aperture radar, terrain mapping. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  10. R. Lanari, S. Zoffoli, E. Sansosti, G. Fornaro, and F. Serafino. New approach for hybrid strip-map/spotlight SAR data focusing. IEE Proceedings - Radar, Sonar and Navigation, 148(6):363 -372, December 2001. Keyword(s): SAR data processing, azimuth convolution, azimuth data filtering, azimuth resolution, chirp signal, focused SAR images, generalised processing code, hybrid acquisition mode, hybrid strip-map/spotlight SAR, microwave image generation, spacebome systems, spotlight SAR data processing, strip-map processing, two-step focusing technique, convolution, filtering theory, image resolution, radar imaging, radar resolution, spaceborne radar, synthetic aperture radar. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  11. G. Fornaro and E. Sansosti. A two-dimensional region growing least squares phase unwrapping algorithm for interferometric SAR processing. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 37(5):2215 -2226, September 1999. Keyword(s): 2-D phase unwrapping algorithm, boundary phase values, discrete domain case, finite element method, interferometric SAR processing, reconstructed phase, two-dimensional region growing least squares phase unwrapping algorithm, wrapped phase image, geophysical signal processing, least squares approximations, radar imaging, radiowave interferometry, remote sensing by radar, synthetic aperture radar. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

Conference articles

  1. P. Berardino, G. Fornaro, R. Lanari, E. Sansosti, F. Serafino, and F. Soldovieri. Multi-pass synthetic aperture radar for 3-D focusing. In Proc. IEEE Int. Geosci.Remote Sens. Symp., volume 1, pages 176-178, 2002. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, SAR Tomography, Tomography, geophysical techniques, radar imaging, radar theory, remote sensing by radar, synthetic aperture radar, terrain mapping, 3D focusing, SAR, SVD, geophysical measurement technique, land surface, multipass method, penetration depth, radar imaging, radar remote sensing, radar tomography, singular value decomposition, synthetic aperture radar, terrain mapping. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]



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