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Articles in journal or book chapters

  1. Pooja Mahapatra, Sami Samie Esfahany, Hans van der Marel, and Ramon F. Hanssen. On the Use of Transponders as Coherent Radar Targets for SAR Interferometry. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., 52(3):1869-1878, March 2014. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, Global Positioning System, geomorphology, geophysical equipment, radar interferometry, reliability, remote sensing by radar, synthetic aperture radar, terrain mapping, transponders, vegetation, ERS-2, Envisat, SAR interferometry, coherent radar targets, controlled environment, corner reflectors, double-difference transponder phase measurements, empirical precision range, field experiments, geometric variations, global positioning system, ground deformation monitoring, landslide monitoring, maintenance-related degradation, operational performance, passive devices, radar line of sight, radar transponders, reliability, transponder-InSAR observations, validation measurements, validation tests, vegetated nonurbanized areas, Corner reflector, geodesy, interferometry, measurement errors, persistent scatterer, phase measurement, quality control, synthetic aperture radar, transponder. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  2. Urs Wegmuller, Tazio Strozzi, Andreas Wiesmann, Charles L. Werner, Othmar Frey, Rafael Caduff, and Andrew Kos. Hangrutschungskartierung mittels Radar Interferometrie. Geomatik Schweiz, 110(9), 2012. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  3. Riccardo Lanari, Francesco Casu, Mariarosaria Manzo, Giovanni Zeni, Paolo Berardino, Michele Manunta, and Antonio Pepe. An Overview of the Small BAseline Subset Algorithm: a DInSAR Technique for Surface Deformation Analysis. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 164(4):637-661, April 2007. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  4. G. Fornaro and F. Serafino. Imaging of Single and Double Scatterers in Urban Areas via SAR Tomography. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., 44(12):3497-3505, 2006. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, SAR Tomography, Tomography, geophysical techniques, remote sensing by radar, synthetic aperture radar, tomography, topography (Earth), 3D synthetic aperture radar tomography, European Remote Sensing 1 satellite, European Remote Sensing 2 satellite, Italy, Naples, Napoli, SAR sensors, data calibration, microwave scattering, residual topography, spatial-differencing technique, surface deformation, urban areas, Multibaseline coherent synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing, SAR tomography, three-dimensional (3-D) SAR focusing. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  5. Falk Amelung, Sigurjon Jonsson, Howard Zebker, and Paul Segall. Widespread uplift and trapdoor faulting on Galapagos volcanoes observed with radar interferometry. Nature, 407(6807):993-996, October 2000. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, Interferometry, SAR interferometry, differential SAR interferometry, DInSAR, Deformation Mapping, Deformation Monitoring, ERS-1, ERS-2, Displacement, Surface Displacement, Surface Deformation, Spaceborne SAR, C-band, Volcano, Galapagos, deflation, Galapagos Islands, Cerro Azul, Fernandina, co-eruptive deflation, deflation, dyke intrusion. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  6. Didier Massonnet and Kurt L. Feigl. Radar interferometry and its application to changes in the Earth's surface. Reviews of Geophysics, 36(4):441-500, 1998. Keyword(s): Permeability and porosity. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

Conference articles

  1. J. Sanz-Marcos, Jordi J. Mallorqui, A. Aguasca, and P. Prats. First ENVISAT and ERS-2 Parasitic Bistatic Fixed Receiver SAR Images Processed with the Subaperture Range-Doppler Algorithm. In Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2006. IGARSS 2006. IEEE International Conference on, pages 1840-1843, August 2006. [bibtex-entry]

  2. Charles L. Werner, Urs Wegmuller, Tazio Strozzi, and Andreas Wiesmann. Interferometric point target analysis for deformation mapping. In Proc. IEEE Int. Geosci. Remote Sens. Symp., volume 7, pages 4362-4364, 2003. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, Interferometry, SAR Interferometry, Persistent Scatterer Interferometry, PSI, Interferometric Point Target Analysis, IPTA, synthetic aperture radar, terrain mapping, ERS-1 data, ERS-2 data, atmospheric path delays, deformation mapping, interferometric point target analysis, surface deformation, Atmospheric modeling, Decorrelation, Delay, History, Ice, Interferometry, Land surface, Phase noise, Remote sensing, Volcanic activity. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  3. Francesco Holecz, Anthony Freeman, and Jakob van Zyl. Topographic effects on the antenna gain pattern correction. In IGARSS '95, Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, volume 1, pages 587-589, 1995. Keyword(s): SAR Processing, SAR Geocoding, Geocoding, SIR-C, X-SAR, antenna gain pattern correction, antenna radiation patterns, radiometric calibration, calibration, Radiometric Correction, remote sensing by radar, satellite antennas, Spaceborne SAR, terrain effect, terrain mapping, topographic effect, ERS-1, ERS-2, JERS-1, RADARSAT, SIR-C, X-SAR. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]



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